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Aspects that the new iPhone Xs could improve to be perfect

The iPhone Xs is here. Is it the perfect mobile, or can it be improved?

The new iPhone Xs has arrived accompanied by the new iPhone Xs Max, with a huge 6.5-inch screen, and the most economical iPhone Xr. In another of the news of the day we explain the characteristics of the new iPhone Xs. Releases some news about the iPhone X, especially in regard to the camera, Face ID, and Artificial Intelligence. Is it enough to become the perfect smartphone? Obviously not…
Face ID has to improve

In the presentation of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, Apple has shown some improvements in the AI ​​and the infrared camera, to raise the percentage of hits of Face ID. But we will see if this is true in practice. In the iPhone X there are enough identification failures when there is little light, your face is a bit covered, or you do not put the camera right in front of your face.
Do not forget that Face ID is an imposition of Apple, which has found an economic side to the matter in the form of augmented reality, photographic apps, etc., which does not have the fingerprint reader. But if it is an imposition then you will have to offer us perfection.
n iPhone XS pocket

We criticized Apple for years because its phones did not exceed 4.7 inches … And now we have an iPhone XS Max 6.5 inches ….

The new iPhone XS, with its 5.8-inch screen, is not a big smartphone because frames have been removed, so you have more screen in the same space.
The notch

The notch or eyebrow is here to stay. It is already in all the iPhone. But it is still a design limitation. It’s ugly, it eats screen, and forces developers to completely change the design of their apps, with respect to Android. And they have to do a version with and without eyebrow, for iPhone 8 and earlier.
Micro SD cards, they always come back

Nowadays, with 4K videos and photos and HD graphics, 64 GB of storage is not enough. You even suffer with 128 GB. Apple knows this, and that’s why the iPhone Xs offers, for the first time, 512 GB of storage. The problem is the price: from € 1559.

It is obvious that Apple reduces the battery to the maximum to lighten their iPhone and introduce other hardware. You can afford it because when designing both the hardware and the operating system, your mobiles are perfectly optimized and consume less than the competition. The iPhone Xs has 30 minutes more autonomy than its predecessor (the iPhone Xs Max an hour and a half more), but today there are many Android phones that exceed it. We would like to have a little more battery in the new iPhone. It is one of the aspects that the new iPhone XS could improve to be perfect.
Partial support Dual SIM

At last, Apple has listened to its users and for the first time, iPhone XS will be Dual SIM. Although it is not the same for everyone. It will only be a pure Dual SIM in some countries, such as China. In others it will use an eSIM or virtual card. In theory it is similar, but in practice it is more versatile and simple for the user to use two physical SIM cards.

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