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Google announces the closure of Inbox, its most peculiar email application

About four years ago Google announced Inbox, an email application based on Gmail but different from its main app, with some peculiarities and experimental features. Today, he has confirmed the death of this parallel service.

It will be in March 2019 when Google deletes Inbox by Gmail, confirming the disappearance of an application that has been losing its raison d’ĂȘtre with the successive updates of Gmail, which today is a much more complete application than when they decided to create Inbox .

In particular, the stability of Inbox within the catalog of apps and services of Google has been greatly affected by the latest update of Gmail, which added some of the functions that until then had been exclusive to Inbox.

Options such as postponing an email or taking notes on the fly from your tray are already available in the web version of Gmail, and very soon they will also be on iOS and Android, so from Google they have thought that it does not make much sense to keep two apps more and more similar.

Although since its launch Inbox has been considered as one of the best mobile email clients, it has currently lost many users in favor of the Gmail app, which will remain as the only one that Google maintains in this sector as of March 2019.

It will still be available for download until then, although users must switch to Gmail when the estimated date arrives. Obviously your emails and data will not be lost, because it is the same service with different mobile client.

It is one of the closures of Google in recent months, a company known for not hesitating to close services that do not work, but continue testing luck with other similar applications.

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