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If you get this viral message on Facebook, it’s better not to pay attention to it

It is possible that in recent days you have observed a message on your Facebook wall that is repeated over and over again.

He begins by saying: “I have also decided to avoid the modification of Facebook’s algorithm, noting that I no longer see so many friend posts.”

It is a state update that has gone viral and promises to circumvent the algorithm of the social network so that the news section does not continuously show what “the same 25 people” publish.

According to that message, the system of the digital platform chooses who read what you publish and what information you see.

And, to change that dynamic, it would be enough for some of your contacts to write “Hello” or any other “quick comment” in that status update, he promises.

The creator of the social network Mark Zuckerberg announced earlier this year a change in Facebook’s algorithm that would make the wall look completely different.

He said that there would be less news and more interaction, and that conversations between family and friends would be prioritized over another type of content.

Maybe that’s why many thought that creating a message that invited other users to comment would be key for those people to have preference over others in the news section.

However, these types of messages have no effect on the Facebook algorithm.

The answer is that the changes affect not so much individual users but the owners of the pages, whose content was relegated to the background.

In fact, photos, videos and personal publications are now much more than what Facebook pages publish.
No, the limit is not 25 friends

The viral message to bypass the algorithm has become popular in recent weeks, but it is not new. In fact some published it for the first time in December of 2017, when the rumors about the changes announced by Zuckerberg in January began.

The social network then stated the following: “We classify the news section according to the relevance that each publication may have for you, and although we have made some updates that could increase the number of posts you see from your friends, your news feed is not limited to 25 of them. ”

The fact-checking site Snopes, specialized in rumors spread through the Internet, analyzed the issue and concluded that Facebook’s algorithm does not only show what a dozen contacts publish.

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