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The Apple Watch 4

The first of them and which jumps more to the eye, is a screen with curved edges greater than that of its predecessor, with a growth of 32% in the small model and 35% in the largest model, which will allow us to visualize more information simultaneously in a more comfortable way. In addition, the side wheel has been redesigned to offer a mechanical touch, and relocates the microphone that has also been improved to not catch echo of its speaker, which is twice as powerful as the previous one.

Apple has redesigned this smartwatch in order to create a tool that allows us to follow our health in detail, which has also incorporated a more powerful processor, called Apple S4, which will allow the two pulse sensors to measure our constants, and for the first time In the industry, take an electrocardiogram in a consumer product intended for the final consumer.

This is possible due to the fact that the second sensor is not an optical one but an electric one, which allows us to measure our constants more accurately, to the point of achieving an electrocardiogram with medical reliability. In the same way, the set of sensors such as gyroscope and accelerometer, can also detect if we have suffered a fall, and make a call to the emergency services if we do not respond to the fall notification.

The Apple Watch Series 4 will be available at a price of $ 399 in its GPS version and $ 499 in its version with SIM card, while the price of Series 3 drops to $ 279. The new models can be purchased from Friday, September 14.

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