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Turn your living room into a torrent download center

Torrents are the most popular download format nowadays, both for speed and convenience. This is the reason why many organizations distribute their content in this way, such as Linux.

In addition, many independent creators prefer to share their products through this network of downloads, something that makes especially interesting the possibility of creating your own Torrents download center with the living room as the epicenter.

The convenience of downloading content from the sofa and then send them to the PC or TV is a plus you can have easily, and is that there are devices of all types and prices to do so.

These torrents, needless to say, can be completely legal, although there is no doubt that there is also an immense percentage of illegal content circulating on the network.

In any case, it is entirely up to you to make ethical and legal use of the resources at your disposal.

Either with your main phone or with an old device that you keep at home, one way to convert your living room into a large multimedia center connected to the torrent network is to buy a Chromecast.

This Google device allows you to send the video signal from a smartphone to your TV, thus projecting the full screen or any compatible application, such as Netflix or YouTube.

However, there are applications that allow you to send multimedia files that you have on your mobile directly to Chromecast, with audio and subtitles.

Another great alternative to watch multimedia content on the living room TV is a Raspberry Pi, probably the most popular mini PC in the world. It is sold in the form of a plate or in a pack with a box and several accessories, and is highly customizable.

You can use it as a console or as a PC directly connected to the TV via HDMI. In that case, you just have to install some Linux distro to download your Torrents and play them on TV, be it photos, videos or any other content.

You can also use it to watch YouTube or Netflix videos.

If you do not want to spend, you can use an old computer that you have at home. Connected by cable or VGA to the TV will also give the same utility as a Raspberry, although consuming more space and energy.

A good alternative is to buy a mini PC. They are the size of a pendrive and compatible with Windows, although by power a lightweight Linux distro comes much better. At the end of the day you will only use it as a multimedia center.

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