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Windows 10 will upload files that you use little to the cloud, to free up space

The update of Windows 10 of October will include a tool called Storage Sense, that will upload to the cloud the files that we use little, to free space.

Since Windows 10 has become a service, Microsoft is launching two major updates a year, in April and October. The next update will be called Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

In these updates, Microsoft fixes bugs, adds improvements, and releases new features that improve the operating system’s user experience. As confirmed in the preview that is already in the hands of the insiders, one of the new features will be Storage Sense, a tool to free space with the help of the cloud. Let’s see how it works.

Storage Sense is an optional feature. The user will decide if he wants to use it or not. What it does is upload to the cloud (when we talk about Microsoft, the cloud is OneDrive) the little used or old files and deletes them from the hard disk, to free up space.

This upload of files to OneDrive will only occur when there is very little space on the hard drive. And it will be automatic. The operating system itself will take care of the entire process.

Files uploaded to the cloud will continue to appear in Windows Explorer, but with a special icon that indicates they are in OneDrive. Again, if the system needs them, it will download them automatically.

One of the consequences of this new system is that the Disk Cleanup tool will disappear, because it will be integrated into Storage Sense.

The new features of Windows 10 October 2018 Update include features such as the Cloud Clipboard, a clipboard that stores content in the cloud and allows you to access your account from another computer; the dark theme for the file explorer; or the new features of the notebook that, although they do not mean big changes, are interesting novelties that will help you to work more comfortably in this text editor.

Also Your Phone launches, an app that serves to connect the mobile and the PC. At the moment it only allows to pass the photos of the mobile to the computer, but in brief it will allow to read the notifications of the mobile in the monitor, to receive the text messages, and to copy files from one device to another.

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